Kathleen Hume -Associate & Project Architect
FGG Architects Inc & KHA Architects


Westville Private Hospital – Refurbishment

Kathleen Hume – Project Architect whilst employed by FGG Architects, and later as KHA Architects contracted by FGG Architects

Architects: FGG Architects Inc

Year:  Various from 1992 – 2005

Cost:  Varies depending on phase.

Client: Amahosp, later acquired by Afrox Healthcare Pty Ltd.

Consultants: various depending on phase

The Redevelopment of an existing 120 bed private hospital, now a 220 bed hospital, in ongoing phases.

The redevelopment that I was involved in, and project architect for included:

  • ICU
  • Additional Consulting Suites
  • Alterations and revamp of the Labour Ward, Maternity Ward and Neonate ICU
  • Upgrade and revamp of the Entrance foyer and Pharmacy retail entrance

I was involved in briefing, schematic design, design development, working drawings, tender preparation, and contract administration for the above projects. I was also involved with interior design proposals for the Entrance and Labour Ward and Maternity Ward upgrades.