Kathleen Hume – Project Architect
Silver Thomas Hanley


Oxford Street Day Procedure Unit, Oxford Street, Mount Hawthorne

Kathleen Hume was the Project Architect for Silver Thomas Hanley for this project.

Architects: Silver Thomas Hanley

Year:  2008-2009

Cost:  $4 million

Area:  950 sq.m

Client: Vincorp Holdings Pty Ltd – Dr Carl Vincuillo

Consultants:   Structural – Condipodero and Assoc
Elect & Mech Engineers – Wood & Grieve Engineers
Hydraulics – SKM
Fire & Code Compliance – Schwanke Consulting

A new Class B Day Procedure Unit in an existing building in Oxford Street, Mount Hawthorne, for dermatology and future dental/maxilla-facial procedures. The unit consisted of 2 Procedure Rooms, 2 Treatment Rooms and the required associated clinical support services. Associated was a suite of doctors consulting rooms.